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Adam Greenberg - 2006

Here's an interesting item. A Latin jazz release from Seattle. What makes it interesting is that Sonando is able to incorporate both the idioms of Latin jazz and the subtlety and grace that's fast becoming the hallmark of the Northwest jazz scene. The pieces here are a mix of originals and pieces from around the jazz world (Wayne Shorter, Horace Silver, Abdullah Ibrahim), rearranged as needed to fit the desired style. It's the seamless combination that makes it complete here though. There's no screaming horn section, no overpowering congas, but the horns are most certainly there, the congas ever present. Instead of the same tropical piano playing in every Latin release, there's a well-designed modern jazz piano solo. Instead of the blaring frontline, there's a post-bop sensibility in the horns. They can show off speed and skill in their solos, but ever so fleetingly and in service to the larger work. It's understated Latin jazz, punched-up post-bop, not something you'll find everyday. But certainly something worth finding.