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Peter Watrous - 2006
Tres (CD Origin Records)

***EditorsPick: Latin music meets Steve Reich, on the first track, where the motoric elements in both musics meet and are accentuated. The rest of the music here, played by a Seattle based Latin jazz group, blends all sorts of stuff, including cuban religious percussion, played by Michael Spiro among others, with a jazz and descarga sensibility.  The band does some cool stuff, including harmonizing the dianas on "Donde Estabas Anoche," the piece by Ignacio Piñiero. Fred Hoadley plays the tres on the tunes; he moves to piano for Abdullah Ibrahim's "Bombella," a tune that brings out the Tyner/Coltrane in the band; the band sounds pretty comfortable doing it too. There's a sweetness to the whole project that is its main strength.

Highly Recommended. (Peter Watrous)