Jazz Review
Andrew Mahan - 2006

Sonando is known for their interesting blend of Afro-Cuban Music with Modern Jazz. Their third release Tres exemplifies this blend completely. If hard hitting and diversified percussion is what you fancy in Latin music, then Sonando’s Tres is for you.

Why have a simple drum set when you can have an assortment of congas, bongos, timbales, and other various auxiliary percussion instruments to add more layers to the music. Sonando does this very well in each one of their songs. Not only is the percussion masterfully done, but there are also superb solos too. The trombone player has a gracious tone similar to that of the great Bebop trombonist, JJ Johnson. The saxes and the trumpets made a good touch with their solos.

The solos were a very diverse assortment of Latin that is consistent with the general sound and percussion of the beat, all the way to Modern Jazz that you would hear today. One of the things that set Sonando off from many other Jazz bands is their interesting assortment of instruments. The tres, which is a guitar like instrument adds a good touch to the Latin theme. There are also many percussion instruments not used in conventional Jazz music. All the songs for the most part were very well made and well played. Sonando’s Tres definitely represents Latin music and Jazz music very well, and should be picked up by any Latin fan, or percussion buff.