Sonando SONANDO Platter Chatter Nov/Dec 1994

          The word that comes to mind when you begin listening to the Latin flavored jazz of Seattle's sonorous Sonando is "class". Once that concept of great style and quality sinks in, a number of other words rise up as you listen further: refined, elegant, polished, purified, tasteful. This group knows how to express musical ideas and moods effectively without being intrusive (wonderful music to work to). Sonando performs with an exquisite vitality that creates an atmosphere of clarified energy for the listener. Congratulations go to every member of the band for outstanding performance and group interaction.
          Producer/pianist Fred Hoadley deserves recognition for his seamless balance of all the intricate elements involved in this project. From the high spirited Latin rhythms and choruses to the manicured jazz solos and arrangements, no beat is out of place. Also, the mix is always perfectly coordinated between solo, accompaniment, and rhythm. Although you can easily hear this when listening through headphones, the flawless balance in the mix is just as obvious coming through your speakers. What a testament to the talent and effort applied by Hoadley and those who assisted him in shaping the sound. Sonando is a brilliant accomplishment that will easily captivate jazz fans and Latin music aficionados alike. In this case, the whole is not greater than the sum of it's parts because all the parts are just as great as the whole - and the whole thing is magnificent. (Carter Pock)