Fred Hoadley Trio


With a repertoire ranging from jazz standards to contemporary classics and latin jazz originals,
this versatile trio provides a sophisticated atmosphere for any gathering.

Audio clips:       Tin Tin Deo       Mi Son Tiene Candela       Tenderly       Sudden Samba

Fred Hoadley Trio schedule

Ben Verdier

Ben Verdier is an accomplished bassist and pianist who has thrived on making music since 1985.  He studied classical and jazz theory & piano performance with George Barth while getting his Bachelor's in computer science at Stanford. He is well-versed in a variety of styles: Salsa, Latin, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, Jazz, Rock, Funk, Ragtime, Classical, and many points in between.  Ben currently performs with Cambalache, Sonando, Charanga Danzón,The Alma Villegas Quartet, and Sexteto tradicuba

  Fred Hoadley
piano & tres

Originally from  New England, Fred studied music at Hampshire College and Berklee College of Music, where his teachers included Jaki Byard, Vishnu Wood, and Charlie Banacos. He founded the Seattle salsa band Bochinche in 1983, produced the band’s first album, and founded the Seattle based Afro-Cuban Jazz band, Sonando, whose 1994, 1998, & 2006 releases received critical acclaim around the country. He also plays piano and tres in Sonando, Charanga Danzón, Wesito & Friends, The Susan Carr Ensemble, and Sexteto Tradicuba

Tom Bergersen
congas & percussion

Tom has performed with several Northwest bands including Los Boys, El Conjunto Fabuloso, and Bochinche. Tom's dance company performance credits include The Bill Evans Modern Dance Company and The Pacific Northwest Ballet. His interests in the folkloric roots of latin music led him to Stanford University to study with the Danza Nacional de Cuba under the direction of Regino Jimenez Saez. He currently performs with Sonando & Orchestra Zarabanda.

Contact: Fred Hoadley - 1617 California Ave SW - Seattle, WA 98116
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